Ask Me Questions

Hi everyone,

a big part of my blogging consists of promoting healthy habits and clarifying medical questions and misconceptions that people commonly have. As promised, I intend to make my posts as much about YOU as possible. So, I am opening the discussion.

I am a doctor, and on top of medicine I studied psychology, pharmacology, ethics and physiology. I have also owned 5 amazing dogs. So, I am inviting you to ask me any questions in the comments or give me topics that you would like me to blog about in my next posts on these topics.

Do you want to know how to quit smoking? What a healthy diet actually means? Any more specific questions about vaginal symptoms or STD? Do you want me to clarify what gluten intolerance is and why so many people (think that they) have it? questionWhy do men tend to prefer long legs, blondes and fair skin? How to decrease your anxiety? Are you wondering what some of your symptoms mean and if they are serious? Are you normal? Relationship advice? You have a bump on your arm and are worried? How much exercise should you be getting? Why does hair turn grey? Why are you losing hair? Are you confused about your lab test results? Your headache or diarrhea worries you? Are protein and gym supplements good or bad? Do you want to learn about anorexia because someone you know has it and you don’t know how to help? Is someone you know suicidal? How do you prevent your dog from jumping on people? How long should you wait before bringing your dog to the vet for diarrhea? How do you know if someone (or you)  is depressed and what to do?

For more personal questions, contact me privately here. Otherwise, please comment on this post.

Really, it’s all about you, so ASK ME WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW. There are no wrong questions! My goal is to make you understand things, improve your life and enjoy things more… just as my blog title says 🙂

Stay healthy and happy ❤


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