Myth vs. Reality: Vaccines can cause autism


Universal-Flu-Vaccine1 Absolutely not! A severely biased and misunderstood article in the 90’s was published that seemed to show some link between vaccines and autism. One year later, this was clarified as misused data and the article correction stated that there is no link between vaccines and autism. The physician who published this article lost his license to practice medicine shortly after for having voluntarily mis-represented the results of the study. Until today, some people believe that vaccines can cause all sorts of diseases but it is not true.

These beliefs tend to stick around, feeding on the fact that the government may be on to something or that vaccines are here to control us or infect us with disease. However, none of it is true, and it is unfortunate that it is so hard to get a realistic opinion or facts about vaccines today because the internet is polluted with so many things that have no basis.

Please, vaccinate your children (and yourself) and prevent the transmission of deadly and debilitating diseases. I have held 1lbs premature babies in my arms that will carry a life-long fight to survive just because mothers have refused to get vaccinated. Don’t be part of the statistics, it can happen to anyone who is not vaccinated. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least do it for your children.


2 thoughts on “Myth vs. Reality: Vaccines can cause autism

  1. Have to confess, when I stumbled upon your site, I rather expected it to be anti-vacc and full of nonsense dressed up with bad science. No reflection on the appearance of your site, which looks very professional, just that this kind of view point tends to be pretty vocal and so quite common.

    Very pleased to read all the good common sense you have instead. It’s a refreshing change to read intelligent and informative posts on these topics – thank you! Mir xx


    • Thank you! That is exactly what I’m trying to convey through my site 🙂

      Being a doctor allows me to have the proper resources to back up my information but I am trying to do it in a concise and friendly manner. It is intended to be my (professional & personal) point of view, however I have strong back up from medicine and research, which I hoped people would take seriously. I am constantly surprised at the “bad science” information even my most intelligent and educated friends believe in, so I think it’s very important, and perhaps even my duty, to clarify all these things.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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