Recipes: Healthy sandwiches

I love cooking, and I love eating even more. However, eating HD-fw200706_salmonsandwichhealthy is not always easy, especially with my occasional hot dog and foie gras cravings! I started cooking school a few weeks ago which encourages me even more than before to cook from scratch, and cook healthy. I want to share my passion for healthy & tasty food with you, and give you some tricks to eat better and at a lower cost!

HD-201407-r-grilled-eggplant-tortasI love sandwiches, in all forms, on an almost daily basis: breakfast egg/guacamole wraps, grilled cheese snacks, with soup for dinner, with Nutella for desert, fajitas stuffed with tons of grilled veggies,…

The famous Food & Wine offers 21 healthy variations on sandwiches, and I found them quite delicious-looking. From salmon club sandwiches to grilled eggplant tortas, here are healthy yet delicious sandwiches recipes: 21 Healthy Sandwiches.


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