Why make your own broth? Because it has NO SALT, costs 10¢ and has much more flavor & nutrients

This is one of the best cooking hacks that I have ever learned. The first day of cooking school, we were shown how to make our own broths. Here is a quick comparison between making your own and buying it pre-made, it will convince you to make you own broths from now on!


  1. It’s expensive! It cost 2.25-2.50$ for 900mL.
  2. The bones used are pre-cooked as opposed to raw, which means that you get much less flavor and nutrients.
  3. It has salt! Anywhere between 5 and 75% of your daily recommended salt intake, depending on whether you take the low salt or regular version. This is a problem for 2 reasons: this amount of salt will probably cause you to go over your daily recommended intake even when you make a “healthy” soup or sauce, and salt is bad for your blood pressure in the long term. The second reason is that because you use the broth as a base to make other, more concentrated, soups and sauces, you will end up with a final product that probably tastes too salty or has more salt than you intended originally. Broths are not final products, but merely an ingredient, and thus should not be flavored with salt or pepper!

chicken-brothHOMEMADE BROTH

  1. It’s cheap! I will show you in this recipe how to make 4L of chicken broth for 10¢.
  2. The bones used are raw so you get all the nutrients and much more flavor.
  3. It has no salt or pepper.
  4. the only disadvantage: it takes some time to make (about 20min) but you can make a lot in advance and freeze it, especially now when seasonal vegetables and chickens are so inexpensive.

Eat healthy ❤


3 thoughts on “Why make your own broth? Because it has NO SALT, costs 10¢ and has much more flavor & nutrients

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