Myth vs. Reality: Coconut oil is healthy


product_coconut_oilCoconut oil is widely used today: in shampoos, moisturizers/creams, beauty products, lubricants and even in herbicides. In most of those products, adding coconut oil is beneficial. However, since this is a website about health and not shiny hair, I am only discussing the pros and cons of consuming coconut oil.

Coconut products (products, not coconut oil itself!) are good for you due to the high amounts of nutrients, but those effects are mostly beneficial when consumed in forms other than coconut oil, for example as coconut water.

So why is there so much publicity about coconut oil being healthy?!? Well, coconut oil is healthy when applied to your skin or to your hair, but NOT when consumed! It also tastes quite good.

So why is coconut oil so bad?

We can all agree that saturated fats are bad, and we should all make an effort to limit those as much as possible in our diet. Coconut oil has the highest amount of saturated fats compared to other cooking oils! That’s why it’s solid at room temperature.


source: Wikimedia

It is important that you understand the table above. In red, you have the saturated (bad!) fats. In blue and orange you have the polyunsaturated (very good!) fats. And in yellow, you have the monounsaturated (good) fats. shutterstock_109436960Now that you understand what the colors mean you can tell how unhealthy coconut oil is. It is worse than lard or butter in bad fats, and it has very little healthy fats! If you want to cook with healthy oils, choose among the first 6 oils from the table. I use avocado oil, which is similar to olive oil but costs much less (I don’t like the taste of olive oil).

On the other hand, there are a few recent articles that show the health benefits of coconut oil in preventing Alzheimer’s, depression, and heart disease, but those are very few, limited studies.

Just remember: it’s not because Dr. Oz says that coconut oil is going to make you skinny, smart and beautiful that it actually will! I have issues with Dr. Oz – you cannot imagine the amount of “but Dr. Oz says…” when I see patients in clinics. Some appointments consist solely of clarifying the truth behind what he claims.

So next time you are thinking about cooking with coconut oil, make a healthier choice. Any cooking oil is a healthier choice.

Stay healthy ❤


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