Crossfit: healthy or dangerous?

CrossfitWork-950x500Crossfit has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. People are using high intensity interval training in the hopes of getting even more health and body benefits. However, the problem with crossfit training is that the exercises are so intense that they may be harmful to your body. I have personally seen 3 men presenting with muscle damage and kidney failure due to crossfit during my 1 month rotation at an emergency in downtown Montreal.

So, how is crossfit dangerous? Crossfit is so intense for the body that it may cause muscle breakdown, known as rbabdomyolysis 2_17_12_Seattle_189b-copy(literally translated as “skeletal muscle breaking”). The muscle breakdown releases myoglobin, a compound that is very toxic to your kidneys, and subsequently results in kidney failure (sometimes reversible, sometimes not). In rare cases, it even results in death – but this is mostly seen in people who never exercised before and suddenly go on a crossfit mania.

So exercise, but exercise wisely! Don’t over-do-it. A good trick is to exercise at an intensity that does not cause you pain – and crossfit will cause you pain!


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