Why is leek so good for you?

leeks for saladI love leek! I use it whenever and wherever I can! I use it instead of onions and shallots, in soups, in sauces, and even as a condiment. Leeks are delicious, and very good for your health.

  1. Leeks have tons of vitamin K which is necessary for clotting (aka preventing bleeding in your body).
  2. It’s a green vegetable, and as such it contains a lot of fiber.
  3. It improves your digestive health and helps you be more regular, whether you have a tendency towards diarrhea or constipation.
  4. Along with some other fruits and vegetables, it plays an important role in preventing colon cancer.
  5. It prevents anemia because it contains iron, which is especially important for women of reproductive age.
  6. It contains folate, which is mostly important for pregnant women.
  7. Many of the vitamins in leeks are good for your heart.

Leeks are very easy to use in every day meals. Here are some great healthy recipes that highlight leek:

Leek dip

Pasta with zucchini and leeks

Healthy leek & potato soup

35915     spicy-cavatelli-with-zucchini-and-leeks-940x600     2612796

Sauteed carrots & leeks

Grilled zucchini & leeks with walnuts

1000733          grilled-zucchini-and-leeks-with-walnuts-and-herbs-940x600

Eat healthy ❤


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