7 Best Healthy Tapas

Source: 7 Best Healthy Tapas | Food & Wine

Happy hour snacks don’t need to derail your diet. Here, seven easy, nutrient-rich tapas to have with a glass of wine.

1. Stuffed olives
Sure, you can buy already-stuffed olives, but they taste so much better when you do it yourself. Fill pitted green olives with best quality anchovies, Marcona almonds or roasted peppers.

2. Kale chips
Make these leafy chips feel a little more decadent with an easy lemon-yogurt dip.

3. Eggplant spread
Most versions of a caponata-like spread are slick with oil; for this one, the eggplant is steamed first to make it soft so the resulting compote tastes clean but still flavorful.

4. Feta-Radish Toasts
Radishes are a gorgeous (not to mention crisp and healthy) topper for toasts sprinkled with feta; you can substitute fresh goat cheese if you prefer.

5. Spiced edamame
Toss steamed pods of edamame with olive oil and chili powder or your favorite spice blend.

6. Stuffed mushrooms
Roast mushroom caps until tender, then stuff with goat cheese and sprinkle with crispy bread crumbs.

7. Sunflower seed crackers
If you serve fresh, seedy crackers like these, you won’t even need to make a dip.


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