How to lose weight… without dieting

She’s a doctor, and she’s telling you how to lose weight without dieting. I, as a doctor myself, agree with everything that she says… except the fact of cutting out dairy all together!

Dairy is SO important in a healthy diet! Don’t forget the rule of the healthiest diet that research has found (over and over again) which is the 5×3 rule (the secret they tell you in medical school, but not known generally): eat 5 fruits/vegetables and 3 dairy products a day. The fruits/vegetables need to be raw or cooked by you, NOT in a juice or puree or canned food! And potatoes/fries are NOT a vegetable here! And the dairy needs to be at least partially fat – not fat-free or skimmed, because your body needs a bit of fat to absorb some vitamins – vitamins A, D, E, and K – which are vital for you health. You would literally die without those vitamins!

You cannot diet without eating healthy, otherwise it’s a habit that either won’t stick, will lead to a yo-yo diet, or that is bad for your health. That’s why the 5×3 rule makes sense.

Here’s the video:


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