Coffee consumption reduces the risk of completed suicide

Source: Coffee, caffeine, and risk of completed suicide: Results from three prospective cohorts of American adults – The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry – Volume 15, Issue 5

Results. We documented 277 deaths from suicide. Compared to those consuming ≤ 1 cup/week of caffeinated coffee (< 8 oz/237 ml), the pooled multivariate RR (95% confidence interval [CI]) of suicide was 0.55 (0.38–0.78) for those consuming 2–3 cups/day and 0.47 (0.27–0.81) for those consuming ≥ 4 cups/day (P trend < 0.001). The pooled multivariate RR (95% CI) for suicide was 0.75 (0.63–0.90) for each increment of 2 cups/day of caffeinated coffee and 0.77 (0.63–0.93) for each increment of 300 mg/day of caffeine.

Conclusions. These results from three large cohorts support an association between caffeine consumption and lower risk of suicide.


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