My cheap simple healthy recipe #3: Salmon in tomato & basil sauce

For 4 people:12208265_10153636839666083_2276799762957760969_n

Step 1: Grate 5-8 tomatoes into a pan. (Grating tomatoes is much faster than peeling their skin by boiling and cooling them, and it gives you the same result.)

Watch a quick video on how to grate tomatoes properly:

Step 2: Add basil to your taste, salt, pepper and a little bit of oil. Add 1 tbsp of honey or, alternatively, 3 artificial sweetener packets.

12193658_10153636839496083_1588552309685466414_nStep 3: Bring the tomato sauce to boil and blend it.

Step 4: Sprinkle lemon generously on 4 salmon pieces and cook them in the oven for 12-15min at 400F. You can season the salmon with salt, 12190908_10153636839416083_7829162688333593812_npepper, and paprika. I added a slice of tomato on each piece of salmon to add extra taste.

Step 5: Cook rice for 4 people (instant or regular).

Step 6: Serve. Enjoy! 🙂


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