What does our inner voice sound like?

Source: What does our inner voice sound like? – Compass Orientation Services

Self-talk and the intensity with which it impacts emotions will vary greatly.

Self-talk is so subtle that it is pretty much automatic and thus, its impact on emotions and behaviour, is largely unconscious.

Anxiety bubbleAnxious self-talk is based on the premise that there is potential threat, and this perpetuates avoidance, which only further reinforces anxious self-talk. Thus, avoidance is anxiety’s best friend. Examples of anxious self-talk: Oh no…I made another mistake, what will my boss think? what is I get fired, what am  I gonna do if I lose my job!? Here we see how making a mistake has been interpreted as a potential threat.

There are a variety of techniques to help reduce and better manage anxious self-talk.An example of three basic techniques are the following: 1) what is the worst possible scenario imaginable? 2) what is the probability that this scenario will happen? 3) In the event that it does happen, what can be done?

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Written by Ivan Rubio


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