Hello everyone!

I am so grateful to have been able to run this health website for almost a year. Thank you, dear loyal followers and readers, for having been part of it. It has been a great success and a steep learning curve! 🙂


I have recently moved to a smaller French-speaking town in Quebec (Trois-Rivieres) to start my residency in family medicine. I have quickly realized how very few health and well-being resources exist in French for people who do not speak English. Although I have studied medicine in English, I am fluent in French and will be doing my medical residency here, in Trois-Rivieres, in French. I consider it my duty to bridge this gap in lack of medical information available to French populations and thus, starting this week, I will be writing most of my entries on this website IN FRENCH! I am also hoping to bring my health events and workshops to smaller Quebec communities, mostly in French.

Moreover, this website will undergo a lot of interface changes over the next few weeks in order to adapt to a different language and make it even more practical and user-friendly. The website will also be renamed shortly.

I want to thank all of you for being part of this, and I hope that you have learned a thing or 2 about health & well-being. Until next time, au revoir 😉


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