About Me

7Hi everyone! My name is Marketa, but my friends call me Markie.

I am a recently graduated doctor and life fanatic! And I believe that health – both physical and psychological – is extremely important! I have created this website to bring you up to date medical information, tips and every possible useful health resource to help you understand & improve your health.

Besides Medicine, I studied Physiology, Psychology, Bioethics, Medical Diagnostics, and Pharmacology. I recently attended cooking school because I love to cook (and eat!!) and I am constantly looking for ways to prepare easier and healthier meals.

On this website you will find anything from health tips, creating healthy habits, medical news, mental health & wellbeing, answering your questions, debunking myths to eating healthy (easy healthy recipes included!). All backed up by medical research of course 😉

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Check out our upcoming events & workshops in Montreal (QC) on MeetUp, designed to promote health understanding & improvement (open to the general public). I will also announce events on this website as they come up.

*DISCLAIMER: Everything that you read on my website is my own personal opinion or re-posts from other sources, where indicated. This is NOT a means of diagnosis and does NOT replace seeing a physician. I have not completed my family medicine & emergency residency yet and my opinions therefore do not replace seeing a professional!*

Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

Happy reading ❤

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